Winter ’13

Some wintertime boredom let to a couple sessions in Malibu, Seal Beach, Treasure Island and Aliso.

Music by Polica

3 Thoughts.

  1. Great video as always. I’m never let down whenever I see that a new video is up. My only comment is about how all the movies automatically play at once when I get onto the site. At this point it’s not a problem because there are so few movies, but I can imagine this being quite annoying later down the road when there’s much more content. This could possibly be something happening only on my side of things, so if that’s the case please let me know if there’s a way to make that not happen. Keep up all the great work and thanks for all you’re doing!

  2. That happens for me as well, I thought it was only because I was moderator but it’s annoying. Working to fix it now, thank you for the feedback Daniel.

  3. Very cool video, Adam. Looking forward to seeing this season’s wedge videos! Wish you all the best luck with the new site, the videos haven’t lost their quality that’s for sure 😉

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