Spring ’14 – Part 2

This Spring is the kind of season that separates the men from the boys, so to speak. I’ve seen a lot of Skimmers from various areas move to Laguna over the years with wild dreams of Professional careers and perfect waves everyday, and things might even seem to trend towards that until a season like this rolls around. One (Spring) that is classically the best of the year that turns out to be endless months of wind and small waves. You’d better find yourself some extracurriculars in times like this or you’ll be moving home in a heartbeat.

Thankfully there have been a couple days (see video) and hope is on the horizon for a late season to kick off.

3 Thoughts.

  1. This edit is pretty rad. Great to see Webber back in the water again, looking forward to seeing more clips from him. Jake had some clean sizable wraps, I always enjoy watching Tyler skim, and the Newport groms make wedge look way too playful. Keep doing what you do best Hayward and don’t get slapped by a whale’s tale

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