January Mexico Trip – Part 1

On a whim, Blair Conklin and I decided to take a quick 8 day trip down to the Puerto Vallarta area in the State of Jalisco. All we wanted was warm water and a wave or two but what awaited us was much more than we could’ve asked for.

A huge thank you to Joe and Luis for making our stay so enjoyable.

5 Thoughts.

  1. new favorite skim vid. sick that blair got a bigger board for paddle ins. how can i get myself in mexico to skim this shit? who do i have to know????

    • That isn’t a bigger board…at least not for the sake of paddle ins. Paddling in is actually usually easier (relative to slightly larger) on a smaller board because you can get it tracking under your feet faster. At least that is the consensus between Woody, Blair and Domke, more or less the pioneers of that frontier, which is why they all use their normal boards.

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