“Drive” DVD – Out Now!

We are very proud to release our latest DVD “Drive”. It can be purchased at

Exile Skimboards, Alley Oop, Skim City or Blonde John’s Surf Shop.

12 Thoughts.

  1. Is the link to purchase broken for just me? Just directs me to the Paypal home page, not an order landing page. Help!

  2. i clicked the buy now button but it sends me to my pay pal account. I see nothing that tells me if I purchased it or not.

  3. Sorry Chris. We had trouble with Paypal throughout. You can order it now through exile, alleyoop, skim city or blonde johns.

  4. What’s the song in the trailer called? I live in South Africa and can’t afford to buy it, but at least I can enjoy the track. 🙂

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