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31 Thoughts.

  1. Love your vids man but this new site is a little confusing, before I read the “about” section I bought $5 in credits which i thought i had to do, on cleeng.com, to watch vids. Then i read the about section and saw I could just pay $3 monthly. But I don’t even know how to watch the vid. It wont play even though I got $5 in credits and paid $3 to watch all vids. Any reason why this is happening? Did I do something wrong? Maybe I’ll check it later and see if anythings changed. But just letting you know.

    • Hey Dusty,

      Sorry this is happening, I was afraid there was going to be some confusion here. Now that you have the credits, you should be able to either go to the video and click “watch now” and it will subtract from your account, or “watch all videos” and you will have this month already paid for plus $2 towards next month.

      I hope this will work but let me know either way. I haven’t publicized the new site yet for this very reason, I want to get all the bugs worked out.
      Sorry you ended up as a guinea pig but I really appreciate the help.


  2. No worries. Happy to support MOV. But it still aint working. When I go to the new west st vid its just a black screen with no watch now button and Ive logged out and logged back in and it seems to refresh the player but the vid doesn’t play.

    • Interesting. Did you log into Cleeng with your Facebook account? If you have another browser, use that and try again. If you don’t try logging out of Cleeng and clearing your cookies then trying again.

      I’ve had cookie problems with this system before, particularly with Firefox.

  3. Think I figured it out Adam. After you are logged in, you have to click on “already purchased” underneath the log in blue buttons and then it lets you in to the video.

    How it worked for me! Hope that helps.


  4. Alright finally. For some reason it didnt work on my mac but did on my parents PC. But whatever, super sick vid BTW. By far the most tech stuff Ive seen. Thanks for making these sick ass vids.

  5. I have a monthly subscription to MOV and when i click already purchased on the new summer 13 pt 2 video it says no purchase registered yet. Just wondering if this is a techincal problem or something i have to take care of


    • Hey Frank,

      This sounds like a technical problem a couple other people had. As long as it is still charging you monthly then it is likely a problem with your cache. Try logging out, deleting cookies, deleting cache and switching browsers. Let me know if you can’t get it to go.


  6. So I’ve been subscribed to this site for a couple years now. I no longer have a PC and only a iPad but the vies won’t unlock on my iPad, I’ve payed the monthly fee but the vies just won’t unlock, I’ve tried to log out and log back in, click already purchased, clicked watch for 99 cents but nothing works.

    • Hey Noah,
      Most likely you need to clear your browser’s cache. Log out, try that and then log back in and let me know if it works.

  7. Hey, I’ve tried logging in and logging out and the vids still won’t work on my iPad, haven’t seen any of the vids from the past few months.

    • I agree. It’s something we’ve been considering for awhile but unfortunately a year is something we cannot commit to because we can scarcely make ends meet on a month to month basis as it is, and we’d hate to be forced into packing up shop with no way to refund the remainder of peoples subscriptions.

      Hopefully one day we’ll be able to turn a profit and commit to some longer term goals that have ease-of-use benefits such as the one you suggested.

  8. How can i change my login info? I am being charged numerous times a month and i haven’t even been on this site in the last 2 months! this has got to stop, or is there a fee just for being a member?

    • I apologize for the confusion Rob. There are two ways to watch videos, one is per view, the other is subscription (“watch all videos”), the latter will continue to charge you each month until you cancel your membership.
      To do so, just go to Cleeng.com and sign in to view your account, you will see an option to cancel.
      Please email me if you have further trouble at ahayward03@msn.com

  9. Hey Adam I seem to be having difficulties with my subscription i pay monthly to your website and when i click the already purchased link on the videos it says no purchase registered or something like that just wondering if we could solve this

    • Hey Frank,
      This is probably a browser/cookie issue. Make sure your browser is up to date. Then go to Cleeng.com and make sure you are logged out. Then clear your cache/cookies, then quit and restart your browser and try the video again.
      Let me know what happens.

  10. Hey Adam,

    Cleeng charged my account on April 7th, but I can’t view videos. Any way to fix this besides clearing my cache or using a different browser?


    Ryan Miller

    • If that isn’t working try both blog.thisismov.com and http://www.thisismov.com for some reason some people’s browsers only work with one or the other. If that doesn’t work the next step is going to Cleeng.com and contacting their support team.

  11. whats up Adam my payment has expired and I was trying to pay 3$ a month again so I can watch your epic vids. Can you help me out? I updated my card on cleeng already

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