MOV3 out now!

Update: Download full movie HERE!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the premiere it was a wild success and a great time! If you weren’t able to make it you can buy it online or in stores on DVD now right here from Exile, right here from Skim City or right here from Alley Oop. Support your local shop!


The Wedge – Part 3

As summer approaches Wedge get’s a little more tricky because a lot of new people start mixing into the crowd bringing unusual dynamics which tends to add another aspect of danger. This video highlighting some of that will probably be our last one on the spot until the fall.

Also note that we may be ending the subscription portion of our website and offering only the pay-per view option as we will begin to work on some bigger-picture, more long-term goals this summer and will likely be releasing less videos.

MOV3 Teaser

Apologies for the delay but we have been working very hard preparing a real treat: We are pleased to be releasing our third and final full-length film entitled MOV3 (or MOVE, if you like). We hope to premiere it Saturday the 28th and it will be available for download and on DVD that night.
We are quite excited about the final product and all the progression that has taken place during it’s creation. Please share this and help us spread the word!