Newport Fall – Part 2

This video is from a few different sessions at the Wedge, the first from the weekend of the Oktoberfest and the second a little over a week later. The latter was one of those dream sessions with nobody out and an opportunity for some of the longest barrels you can get on a Skim.

Laguna Fall – Part 2

It’s arguably the most beautiful time of year in Southern California, complete with warm, uncrowded and glassy waves and the revival of a couple favorite Summertime breaks.

Happy Halloween!

Newport Fall

This video is similar to the one we did around the Vic which compared and contrasted the waves that were had pre-contest and during. This one having the exception of strong offshore winds, which I haven’t seen coincide with the arrival of South swell for at least five years. This weekend will surely go down in history because of that.

Laguna Fall – Part 1

The couple weeks surrounding Exile and Main St. Surf Shop’s “Oktoberfest” contest in Newport are always pouring over with energy as the waves are usually good, new riders are arriving in town and everyone is preparing for the contest or otherwise enjoying themselves. Here is some of that energy from the last couple weeks; and of special note Austin Keen’s aggressive approach to his forthcoming battle for 1st in UST rankings against reigning champ Sam Stinnett.

Hope to see everyone at the contest this weekend!